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All of our services are founded with our purpose, mission and values in mind.

Igniting Healthcare Excellence

When you turn to RN Rainmaker, you’ll find an organization committed to passion, authenticity and courage.


We are eager to find your drive and commitment to ignite motivation and purpose in your work.


We are true and genuine to ourselves and others in our words, thoughts and actions.


We are vulnerable in taking risks that move us beyond boundaries, in order to live our best lives.

Healthcare professional supporting patient
Crystal Pompos, MSN, RN, MBA

Meet Crystal Pompos, MSN, RN, MBA

RN Rainmaker is led by Crystal, whose passion for connecting with nurses and patients allows her to help others achieve their dreams. There is a fire that dwells within all of us and it is Crystal’s passion to coach nurses through the process of finding their flames.

With 18 years of clinical, leadership, speaking and management experience, Crystal is acutely aware of the personal and professional effects of a nursing career. Her formal education, including an MSN and MBA in healthcare management, make her uniquely suited to guide other healthcare professionals toward their passions.

She shares her experiences and expertise with other nurses through The Coaching to Excellence Program, Ignite2Excel, speaking engagements and more in Tampa, Florida and beyond.

Let’s Make it Rain

Simply stated, those who discover their passion with RN Rainmaker make things happen. Rise to greatness within your career, motivated by your greater purpose and supported by Crystal and RN Rainmaker. When you’re engaged in your work, you are in a position to innovate with evidence and practice with excellence.

This is your personal invitation to become an RN Rainmaker and ignite the nursing excellence in your practice. Let’s make it rain!

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